Wagner: Die Walküre (In English) - Kingsley, Herincx, Haywood, de Marseille, Cariaga, Mangin; Holt. 1977


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  • The hands down winner in this performance of Die Walküre is Lorna Haywood as Sieglinde. Haywood's voice is slightly more slender than your usual Sieglinde, but she throws herself into the part with complete abandon and seems to relish soaring into the stratosphere of her glorious top. It is worth pointing out as well that her English is outstanding.
  • Raimund Herincx brings a perfect blend of bluster and dignity to the role of Wotan. His English is also quite good.
  • Frederick de Marseille is superb as Siemund, delivering an astonishingly lyric "Winterstürme" as well as some very exciting singing at the end of the act.
  • The recording is in very good stereo sound.


  • As Brünnhilde, Margaret Kinglsey displays a worthy instrument, but she her struggle with the part is quite apparent, particulalry in the upper register where her voice has a tendancy to get quite blowsy.

In Stereo

OD 11728-3