Wagner: Die Walküre - Nilsson, Jones, Ward, Hoffman, Langdon; Leitner. Buenos Aires, 1967


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In 1967, Birgit Nilsson was at the height of her powers whereas Gwyneth Jones was still relatively unknown. Hearing these two very different singers side by side just adds to the pleasure of this remarkable performance. Nilsson’s vocal power came through the laser intensity of her unique instrument whereas Jones’ voice soared over the orchestra with the force of a mac truck. Both women sing gloriously particularly Jones whose voice was free of the flaws that would mar her later years. David Ward brings mellifluence and grace to the role of Wotan, managing to convey the god’s fire and brimstone without yelling his way through Wagner’s soaring vocal lines. Richard Martell as Siegmund is the weak link of the cast. The voice seems to have respectable power but little vocal beauty. The sound is very good.

In Stereo

We previously listed this title, however this is a new master and in superior sound!

OD 11055-3