Wagner: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg - Stewart, Marton, Cathcart, Meyen, Weller, Konya; Mandl. Frankfurt, 1976


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To appreciate the skill of Thomas Stewart as Hans Sachs, you should advance to the final moments of the opera. You will see that during Sach's final monologue, Stewart's burnished baritone seems completely unscathed by a role that has gotten the better of even the best baritones. In 1973 all of the virility and glamor was still intact in Stewart's voice revealing a Sachs that plays slightly younger than most making his infatuation with Eva seem a little more credible. Eva Marton, in her namesake role, is radiant and embodies all the youth and impetuousness coupled with a richness that points to her future in the dramatic repertoire. Allan Cathcart delivers a very good Walther. Cathcart's career was based mostly in Europe. His voice is sweet-toned with a dash of spinto. His Preislied seems more akin to "Un'aura amorosa" than the forging scene. The sound is very good.

OD 10853-4