Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer - Ward, Jones, Frick, Prybil, Bainbridge, MCDonald; Solti. London, 1966


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Gwyneth Jones was still quite young when she sang this performance of Der fliegende Holländer so naturally she is able to convey the youthful ardor of Senta.  Interpretively, however she is well beyond her years.  She brings across the single-minded obsession of Senta flawlessly.  When the Dutchman arrives in Act II the way she utters "Versank ich jetzt in wunderbares Träumen?" as if hypnotized by the object of her girlhood fixation is truly chilling.  Her portrayal is so impressive it is easy to forget the amazing vocal accomplishment that she pulls off.  David Ward is dark and brooding as the Dutchman.  He highlights the mystery of this character while conveying inner warmth making it clear why Senta would be so mesmerized by him.   Sir Georg Solti leads yet another memorable performance. The sound is very good.

OD 10356-2

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