Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer - Imdahl, Rysanek, Frick, Beirer, Wunderlich, Hesse; Cluytens. Wien, 1966


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This performance of Der fliegende Holländer is a tantalizing glimpse into an era when the Vienna State Opera was a revolving door of great singers and conductors. Leonie Rysanek is at her absolute best, giving ample voice and capturing Senta’s awed wonder perfectly during her Act II duet with the Dutchman. Heinz Imdahl’s impressive baritone is a good fit for the title role although he misses the mark a little in conveying the characters inner torture. Gottlob Frick is an affable Daland, Hans Beirer is an ardent Erik and Ruth Hesse is a luxury as Mary. Fritz Wunderlich’s pristine Steuermann may be the best I have ever heard (he tragically died just four months later.) André Cluytens evokes rich colors from the Vienna Philharmonic. The bad news is that the sound is a bit distant, there is some static at the top of Act II before Senta’s aria and a good portion of the Act II Senta/Erik duet is missing.

In Mono

OD 11407-2

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