Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer (In English) - Bailey, Jones, Dean; Lloyd-Jones. London, 1975. BONUS: Gwyneth Jones sings "Ch'io mi scordi di te?"


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  • In the title role, Norman Bailey delivers fire and brimstone, without ever sacrificing the warmth and beauty of his baritone.
  • The stand-out of the performance is without question the Senta of Gwyneth Jones. Jones finds a remarkable balance between fearless (and thrilling) vocalism, and the kind of delicate singing you would expect from a role like Leonore in Fidelio, or for that matter Leonora in Il Trovatore.


  • The sound is slightly muffled, obscuring the English translation slightly, but thankfully not the quality of these amazing voices.

Gwyneth Jones sings "Ch'io mi scordi di te... Non temer, amato bene" by Mozart

In Mono

OD 11848-2