Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer - Vinay, Nilsson, Moscana, Crain; Karp. Phila, 1963


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This recording of Der fliegende Holländer is valuable for the rare Senta of Birgit Nilsson and the even rarer Dutchman of Ramon Vinay.  You read right: a tenor singing the Dutchman!  But unlike other tenors who have switched to baritone roles as the top notes became more and more elusive, Vinay's dutchman may convince you that this tenor was in fact a baritone all along.  His voice has a burnished quality and he brings an ease of production that escape his Tristans (as thrilling as they were.)  One would think that Birgit Nilsson's Senta would highlight the dramatic aspects of this role, however where she truly distinguishes herself is in the sustained lyric passage particularly in the Act II duet showing again the link between Wagner and Bellini.  It is a shame that the first act is missing as it would be truly amazing to hear Vinay's monologue, but this is still a gem.  I have included excerpts of Birgit Nilsson in some of her greatest roles as a bonus.  The sound is only fair.

Birgit Nilsson sings excerpts from Elektra, Tristan und Isolde and Die Walküre

OD 10602-2