Wagner: Das Rheingold - Adam, Reynolds, Ridderbusch, Martin, Neidlinger; Stein. Bayreuth, 1971


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Besides being in superb sound, this recording of Das Rheingold stands out due to the superb Wotan of Theo Adam. Adam's Rheingold Wotan conveys the youth and chutzpah of Wotan excellently. Youthful tone seems to be the unifying factor in this cast. Anna Reynold's Fricka has a winsome quality which is a welcome contrast to the usual fishwife approach of many of her colleagues. Janis Martin's soprano is radiant in the role of Freia. The over all effect is that one gets the sense of a group of young people trying to make sense of their new-found wealth and power, making this a very compelling prologue to the rest of the tetrology.

OD 10857-2

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