Verdi: Il Trovatore - Prevedi, G. Jones, Glossop, Simionato, Rouleau, Bainbridge; Giulini. London, 1964


Listen to a Sample:


It's not a new story.  A well-known prima donna gets sick and in walks the young soprano into the lead role and a star is born.  In this case the part of the prima donna was played by Leontyne Price and the young soprano was Gwyneth Jones and this is the performance.   All I will say about it is that it is clear why she skyrocketed to international stardom.  She must have been comforted to be surrounded by great singers.  Giulietta Simionato, now nearing the end of her career, gives a fiery portrayal of Azucena and Bruno Prevedi and Peter Glossop play the two brothers.  The sound is very good.

OD 10030-2