Verdi: Rigoletto - Pavarotti, Russell, Glossop; von Matacic. Tokyo, 1971


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In 1971 Luciano Pavarotti was still a newcomer to the operatic scene, however, it must have been clear to all present that they were in the presence of a great star.  It seems almost redundant to point out that he sings like a god in this role.  In my opinion he had the most beautiful voice of any tenor of his day.   What is almost as remarkable as his voice is the abundance of personality that leaps from the stage.   That charisma was what separated him from his colleagues and made him as universally beloved as he was.  Peter Glossop sings the title role.  His voice was never beautiful but it has a gruffness that works great for the hunchback.   His acting is superb and he is not afraid to savor a well executed high note.  He holds the A flat at the end of Act III longer than any baritone I have ever heard.   Louise Russell did not distinguish herself like her counterparts but she sings admirably.  The sound is good.

OD 10327-2

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