Verdi: Rigoletto - MacNeil, Gencer, G. Raimondi; Quadri. Buenos Aires, 1961


Listen to a Sample:


Despite its remoteness from most of the major opera houses in the world, Buenos Aires has served as a wonderful haven for opera in South America.  This performance exemplifies that.  For starters they hired probably the greatest exponent of the title role in the form of Cornell MacNeil.  Here at his vocal height, he sings with elegance and power unmatched by certainly anyone singing today and perhaps ever.  Just listen to his a flat at the end of "Pari siamo."  You can almost here the walls shake.  Leyla Gencer is the other non-Italian in the cast singing Gilda.  Gianni Raimondi is a brash duke.  The sound is very good and Argeo Quadri musical and dramatic sense is superb.

Arias featuring Gencer, Raimondi and MacNeil.

OD 10488-2