Verdi: Rigoletto - Björling, Sundquist, Prytz, Meyer; Bendix. Stockholm, 1957


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Jussi Björling’s presence enlivens a rather provincial performance of Verdi’s great tragedy. He is not, perhaps, in very top form, but his ringing, Italianate sound is very clearly a cut about the other singers’ less remarkable performances. The best of the other principals is Kerstin Meyer’s droll Maddalena, though Sven-Erik Jacobsson, as her brother, doesn’t make much of an impact. Erik Sundqvist is an unobjectionable, excellently-sung Rigoletto, though he is more competent than interesting. Eva Prytz is a fluttery, attractive-sounding Gilda who loses security at the very top of her cadenzas. Also of note is the presence of one of the great Rigolettos-to-be, Ingvar Wixell, as Conte Ceprano.

OD 11332-2

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