Verdi: Rigoletto (In German) - Imdahl, Rothenberger, Hopf, Kreppel; Zaun. Düsseldorf, 1959


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  • This German-language Rigoletto is about as Italian as Bratwurst. Still the cast manages to play to their strengths, and creates a performance that, although not Italianate, is still musically compelling.
  • Anneliese Rothenberger is exquisite as Gilda, bringing lyricism and youthful ardor to the part.
  • Hans Hopf's Duke is a bit heavy-handed, but nonetheless impressively sung given how much lighter this role is than his normal diet of Wagner and Strauss. 


  • Fritz Jaun conducts a taught performance, but to my ears the orchestra at times sounds a bit too driven and lacks any sense of lightness.

The opening prelude of Act IV is missing as well as the final few minutes of the opera.

In Mono

OD 11584-2

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