Verdi: Nabucco - MacNeil, Renzi, Carreras, Giaiotti; Ziino. Barcelona, 1970


Listen to a Sample:


This performance of Nabucco delivers both established singers as well as some exciting new-comers. Cornell MacNeil, in the title role, is an astonishing force of nature, possessing the low notes of a basso profundo and a top extension that could be the envy of many tenors. Abigaille is a notorious voice-killer, but it sounds downright easy in the hands of Emma Renzi. Renzi’s voice has the cut, the coloratura as well as the ability to jump two octaves with ease. Her high Cs in the cabaletta ”Salgo già del trono aurato” are gleaming and effortless. José Carreras, still only in his mid-twenties, is the definition of luxury casting as Ismaele, and sounds fresh and ardent. Bass, Bonaldo Giaiotti brings booming beauty to the role of Zaccaria. The sound is only fair. It can at times sound watery and you lose out on some of the extremes of the upper and lower registers.

OD 11164-2