Verdi: Il Trovatore - Caballé, Tucker, Mattiucci, Zanasi, Vinco; Schippers. Firenze, 1968


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The opening night at Florence's Teatro Comunale saw a production of Il Trovatore with an all-star cast.  Montserrat Caballé was still rather new to the international scene in 1968.   She proves to be everything you would want in a Leonora: Great breath control, agility, power and a velvety quality to her voice.   Richard Tucker on the other hand was already in his mid fifties however it is hard to tell from this performance.  He sings with tireless ardor complete with a great b natural at the end of "Di quella pira." Mario Zanasi may not have had the biggest Verdi baritone but he sings with class and style.  Thomas Schippers leads a very brisk performance which the singers admirably follow perfectly.  The sound is very good.

OD 10320-2

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