Verdi: Falstaff - Stabile, Tebaldi, Noni, Valletti, Elmo; De Sabata. Milano, 1951


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This performance of Falstaff assembles an exuberant cast that seems to relish every moment of Verdi's masterpiece. Most notable among the cast, is the Alice Ford of Renata Tebaldi. Tebaldi was a relative new-comer in 1951 and she has a freshness of tone and ease on top that serve her well. Mariano Stabile's high baritone conveys a younger Falstaff than one might expect. The two lovers, in the form of Cesare Valletti and Alda Noni are both quite good. The sound is good and the performance almost explodes with energy and vitality.

OD 10708-2

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