Verdi: Falstaff - Evans, Bosabalian, Bainbridge, Sarti, Shaw, Robson, Robertson; Gibson. Edinburgh, 1966


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Although I never have been, I can't imagine a better theater in the world to see Falstaff than Edinburgh.  There is the intimacy of the theater which I imagine would immensely enhance this boisterous comedy and the authenticity of seeing it performed in the British countryside during summer.  When you pair those considerations with the wonderful cast assembled for this performance you have a recipe for success.  Sir Geraint Evans owned this part for many years.  He is the ideal Falstaff in as much as he can convey the grotesque side of the character and the noble in the same breath.  And it is impossible not to be won over by his egocentric charm.  Luisa Bosabalian's creamy voice is slightly wasted in the role of Alice but one is grateful in the few lyrical passages of this part.  Elizabeth Bainbridge is a bawdy Quickly.  The sound is very good.

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