Verdi: Don Carlo - Zylis-Gara, Prevedi, Cossotto, Cappuccilli, Ghiaurov; Schippers. Roma, 1969


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This performance of Don Carlo joins a cast well-seasoned in their respective roles with Teresa Zylis-Gara as Elisabetta. Zylis-Gara ethereal spinto proves to be an excellent fit and creates an character who brings both regal strength and fragile vulnerability to one of Verdi’s greatest soprano roles. Fiorenza Cossotto’s performance as Eboli may not have the same subtlety but she makes up for it in fiery temperament. Piero Cappuccilli makes much of Rodrigo’s vocal writing in particularly showing off his seemingly endless breath control. Nicolai Ghiaurov’s bass is booming yet glamourous as Filippo. Bruno Prevedi is somewhat of a disappointment as Don Carlo next to his legendary cast mates, but still manages to sing with respectable finesse. The sound is excellent.

OD 11299-3

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