Verdi: Don Carlo (In Russian) - Andjaparidze, Milashkina, Arkhipova, Petrov, Valaitis; Naidenov. Bolshoi, 1963


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  • Excellent cast of Russian singers!
  • Irina Arkhipova is extrordinary as Eboli, coping with the enormous vocal range of the part effortlessly.
  • The edition used in this performance is the four act version but it includes the ballet in Act II as well as some interesting music at the end of the Filippo/Posa duet that I had never heard before.
  • For some reason the Celestial Voice at the end of the auto-da-fe scene vocalizes her part on an "ah". A result of Soviet-era censorship??


  • Some might be taken aback by hearing Verdi's melodis in Russian

In Mono

OD 11479-3

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