Verdi: Aida - Ross, Tucker, Dunn, Meliciani, Densen; Moresco. 1971


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It is hard to conceive of how rich the opera world was in the sixties.   You could go and see Richard Tucker sing Aida at the Met one night and a couple of days later it might be Corelli or Bergonzi.  On this occasion, Tucker's ringing spinto soars over the orchestra and then pulls back to almost nothing in the more tender passages.  He is joined by Elinor Ross a dramatic soprano renowned as Turandot and Brünnhilde.  I was surprised to hear that she could also sing quite lyrically.  "O patria mia" is beautifully spun despite a tentative jab at the high C.  Mignon Dunn sings a very exciting Amneris.

OD 10067-2

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