Verdi: Aida - Tinsley, Gibin, Coster, Derksen; De Waart. Amsterdam, 1973


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  • In the title role, Pauline Tinsley treats the audience to an exhilarating, yet delicate performance.
  • Janet Coster is paired well with Tinsley. Few mezzos could give Tinsley a run for her money when it comes to sheer amplitude, but when Coster unleashes her formidable mezzo voice (with top notes that would be the envy of any soprano) it creates a dynamic as exciting as Nilsson and Corelli in Turandot.


  • The performance is far from complete. The opera starts just after "Celeste Aida", and does not include the last scene of Act I, or the Tomb Scene.
  • There are some clicks at the beginning of Act III.

In Mono

OD 11808-2