Verdi: Aida - Weathers, Lazaro, J. McIntyre, Sarabia; Schüchter. Dortmund, 1971


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  • Joy McIntyre makes a good argument for why Amneris should be cast with a dramatic soprano. The dynamic between her and Aida feels a little more evenly matched and she delivers some very exciting high notes, the likes of which few mezzos could muster.


  • I had always wondered why Felicia Weathers' career never took off despite a strong vote of confidence from Solti and Decca in 1960s. This recording sheds some light of that question. There are many moments when the unqiue beauty of her voice comes through, particularly in the softer sections, but when she needs to summon all of her vocal reserves for a high note the results are mixed, and at times (it pains me to say this), disastrous. Still, this recording is worth it for her admirers.

In Mono

OD 11922-2