Verdi: Aida - Dimitrova, Bergonzi, Angelakhova, Mastromei; Veltri. Las Palmas, 1974


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This recording of Aida captures Ghena Dimitrova in a rare turn in the title role. She was better known for her Amneris which played to her greatest strength: her vocal and dramatic power. She shows, however, in this recording, that she has a softer side to her. Her "O patria mia" is expertly crafted complete with a very secure high C. She is joined by Carlo Bergonzi as Radamès. By the mid-Seventies Bergonzi's voice was still in excellent form. It had taken on a darker hue which made him all the more comfortable in dramatic roles, while maintaining his signature elegance and style. Gian Pietro Mastromei is a gruff Amonasro. The sound is fair to good. There are a few brief drop-outs including one just at the end of "O patria mia"; thankfully after the high C.

OD 10709-2