Verdi: Aida - Curtis Verna, Borsa, Dominguez, Bastianini, Scott; Capuana. Venezia, 1953


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One of my goals in presenting these recordings to you all is the hopes that we can keep the memory alive of great singers who may not have left a huge recorded legacy.  Maria Curtis Verna is one such singer.  Many have relegated her to "house singer" status.  This recording of idea bares witness however to her unique artistry.  The voice may not be as lush as some of colleagues but it has great focus and ease on the top (including a spot-on high C in "O patria mia.")  Oralia Dominguez joins her as Amneris and Ettore Bastianini is captured at his height.  The sound is superb for the time it was recorded.

OD 10508-2

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