Verdi: Aida - Caballé, Bumbry, Bergonzi, Cappuccilli; Schippers. Milano, 1976


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Mounting an opera in the house where it was premiered must be a daunting task.  You are presenting it to a public that probably knows it better than anywhere in the world.  On this evening the Milanese got a stellar cast including Montserrat Caballé, Grace Bumbry, Carlo Bergonzi and Piero Cappuccilli.  What ensues is a very exciting performance on stage and at times in the audience.  In between numbers it seemed like fights might be breaking out.  It's hard to tell but it is probably regarding Thomas Schippers who despite occasional hisses leads a brisk and Italianate performance.   The rest of the cast seems galvanized and deliver flawless Verdi singing.  The sound is fair.

OD 10192-2

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