Stravinsky: The Rake's Progress (In Italian) - Picchi, Sciutti, Rehfuss, Calabrese; Sanzogno. Milano, 1958


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  • Mirto Picchi is surprisingly credible as Tom (Tomasso?). He sings with refinement and musical accuracy and, most importantly, manages to find the music even in some of Stravinsky's more "academic" writing.
  • Graziella Sciutti is lovely as Anna Trulove. Particularly when she is singing with Picchi, at times it would be easy to convince yourself that you were listening to an Italian opera.


  • Although the sound is generally clear, the master was clearly recorded over another performance, and the ghost of that performances is audible in the background during the quieter moments of the opera.

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OD 11945-2

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