Strauss: Salome - Silja, Hesse, Moeller, Mazura, Winkler; Krombholc. Amsterdam, 1968


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Listen to a Sample


Richard Strauss stated that his ideal Salome was a “16-year-old princess with the voice of Isolde.” As seemingly impossible as that demand seems, Anja Silja nearly approaches it. Although not a teenager at the time of this performance, she was still only in her mid 20s, a time when most singers are focusing on Mozart and more gentler fare. However, Anja Silja’s career never conformed to the norm and she proves herself a worthy Straussian in this performance from Amsterdam. Her shimmering youthful soprano slices through more than soars over the orchestra. Franz Mazura’s Jochanaan captures all of the characters fire and brimstone adding a touch of sexiness. The sound is very good.

In Mono

OD 11433-2