Strauss: Arabella - Te Kanawa, Wixell, Robson, Tear, N. Berry, Langdon, Andrew; Rennert. London, 1977


Listen to a Sample:


  • Not since Lisa Della Casa has a singer owned the role of Arabella quite like Kiri Te Kanawa. Her pristine, yet opulent voice soars over the orchestra and melts the heart in the process.
  • Elizabeth Robson brings convincing younger-sister energy to the part of Zdenka/Zdenko.
  • As Mandryka, Ingvar Wixell strikes an excellent balance between the character's provincial roots and his inner nobility.
  • Robert Tear gets a chance to display his leading man credentials as Matteo.


  • The sound is slightly distant. The voices come through, but the words do not.
  • The first minute or so is missing.

In Mono

OD 12035-2