Smetana: Dalibor (In English) - Tinsley, R. Jones, Cantelo, J. Ward, Garrard; Tausky. London, 1969


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  • I highly recommend this set to anyone who isn't familiar this opera. The English diction of the cast is crystal clear and the announcer interjects now and then between scenes to fill in the blanks making the whole thing very easy to follow without a libretto or synopsis.
  • Though not the title character this time, Pauline Tinsley walks away with the show. Her shining soprano copes effortlessly with Smetana's soaring lines and her soft singing is exquisite.
  • As Dalibor, Roland Jones is also very good even if he comes across a little under enthused at times.
  • Don Garrard makes an impactful cameo as Benes.


  • None to mention.

In Mono

OD 11959-2

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