Rossini: L'Italiana in Algeri - Berganza, Casellato, Ganzarolli, Cesari, Catena; Molinari-Pradelli. Buenos Aires, 1970


Listen to a Sample:


This performance of L'Italiana in Algeri features a remarkable ensemble class headed by the great Teresa Berganza.  In this part she may lack some of the weight in the lower part of her voice that someone Marylin Horne could muster, but she is overflowing with charm and her coloratura is amazing.  Renzo Cassellato brings both plangent tone with Italianate grace and Wladimiro Ganzarolli is excellent at alternating imposing with buffoonish tones as Mustafà.  Francesco Molinari-Pradelli leads a tight performance, however to my tastes the tempi are a little safe.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10499-2