Puccini: Tosca - Rysanek, G. Raimondi, Adam, Grundheber; Atzmon. Hamburg, 1975


Listen to a Sample:



  • Despite the limitations of the sound (more on that below), a truly wonderful performance manages to emerge.
  • Leonie Rysanek is on fire in the title role, delivering endless reserves of opulent sound as well as some very refined singing during "Vissì d'arte".
  • Gianni Raimondi brings a touch of class to the role of Cavaradossi.
  • I never really thought of Theo Adam as a Scarpia but he manages to meet Rysanek at her level of intensity.
  • Franz Grundheber, as Angelotti, makes much of his few scenes.


  • The pitch wavered a lot on these tapes. I did my best to correct it but it was a moving target throughout the recording.
  • Large sections are missing from this performance including the Sacristan scenes and the opening of Act III.

In Mono

Extended excerpt from Act II of Tosca with Leonie Rysanek, William Johns and Tito Gobbi
Mannheim, 1976

OD 11907-2