Puccini: Tosca (In English) - Schauer, Domingo, Ludgin; Jensen. Pasadena, 1967


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Depending on your point of view, this recording may be a historical document or an oddity.  The historical aspect is that it featured Placido Domingo very early in his career.  The oddity part is the fact that it is in English!  Yes, Placido sings Cavaradossi in English.  Now, I am not going to promise that you will understand every word he says, but I will say that he sings very beautifully and doesn't let the new words get in the way of conveying his trademark style and charisma.  This recording also features the wonderful American baritone, Chester Ludgin.  Ludgin was a mainstay at the City Opera and in regional companies throughout the country.  Sadly he did not leave nearly as many documents of his artistry as some of his contemporaries.  Eileen Schauer sings Tosca and does a very good job.  The sound is good.

OD 10444-2

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