Puccini: Madama Butterfly - Kubiak, Carreras, Berry, Bryn-Jones; Delogu. London, 1975


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This recording features Teresa Kubiak and José Carreras in the title roles. Kubiak never rose to the heights of stardom but remained more of a singer's singer and Butterfly proves an ideal role for her pure, almost Mozartian tone, coupled with her ability to summon spinto reserves when needed. José Carreras's brief appearance as Pinkerton is almost worth the price of admission. In 1975 his voice was pristine and he gives so much in the final moments when Pinkerton realizes the folly of callow youth. The other standout is the Sharpless of Delme Bryn-Jones. Personal problems would hold back Bryn-Jones in becoming the star that he was probably destined to be, however this recording captures him at his best. His voice is silky and robust and his interpretation is wonderfully sensitive and nuanced. Now the bad news… The sound is not great. The voices manage to come through but there is a dull hiss throughout.

OD 10733-2

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