Puccini: Madama Butterfly - Jones, Greer, Grundheber, Fredricks; Martinez. Hamburg, 1977


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  • I had high expectations for Gwyneth Jones's Madama Butterfly and this recording exceeded them. As you would expect when Jones unleashes the full power of her soprano the orchestra doesn't stand a chance. This is particularly effective at the end of the opera, makin Cio-Cio San's despair all the more visceral. What was surprising to me is the finesse that she brings to the part. She sings with a delicacy that goes a long way in convincing you that you are in the presence of a teenage girl. It is no secret that I am a huge Jones fan. Acknowledging my bias, I still feel I can honestly say that hers is one of the best Cio-Cio Sans I have ever heard.


  • Only the scenes featuring Butterfly are included (fortunately that is about 95% of the opera.) It is a shame because you miss out on Franz Grundheber's excellent Sharpless.

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OD 11973-2

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