Puccini: Madama Butterfly - Gonzalez, Del Monaco, Dominguez, Morelli; Antoncelli. Mexico City, 1951


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The obvious attraction of this set is that it features one of the few Pinkerton's of Mario Del Mocano.  Recorded early in his career, Del Monaco actually sings with sensitivity and musicality (qualities that are generally not associated with this artist) and of course the voice is astoundingly virile and ringing.  He sings a great high C too.  Irma Gonzales seems to have been mostly associated with Mexico City.  Her voice is plummy in the way that one expects of a Puccini singer and if there is a little strain in some of the high notes it is forgivable given the length of the role.  In some great luxury casting Oralia Dominguez sings Suzuki.  The sound is not very good so I would recommend this set mostly to the Del Monaco fans out there.  You will not be disappointed.

OD 10474-2

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