Puccini: La Rondine (In German) - Stich-Randall, Wolfram, Georgiou; Sanzogno. Köln, 1958


Listen to a Sample:


There are certain operas that lend themselves well to certain translations.  For example Otello in German seems to give the whole piece a wonderful color and eloquence different from in Italian.  La Rondine in German is similar.  Perhaps it is the dialogue or the Parisian setting, but at times you can convince yourself you are listening to an operetta.  Teresa Stich-Randall sings Magda.   Her voice was never associated with Puccini but she sings with great control and finesse and brings her trademark grace.   The rest of the cast was unknown to me but they form an excellent ensemble.  The sound is outstanding. 

OD 10319-2