Puccini: La Rondine (In English) - Brooks, MCDonald, Welting, Atherton, Smith; Rosenkranz. 1973


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If it weren't for live recordings, wonderful singers like Patricia Brooks would be all but forgotten today. Having never quite broken out of the regional American opera scene, the all-important record contracts never quite came her way. Still, she had a devoted fan-base who followed her for both the opulence of her voice and her non-fussy sincere approach to every character that she portrayed. Although the sound is far from ideal on this English-Language Rondine, it still demonstrates her brilliance. Sadly, Brooks had to curtail her career while still in her prime due to multiple sclerosis. Perhaps if she had continued she would have ultimately reached the level of stardom worthy of her talents. The set also features a young Ruth Welting as Lisette.

OD 10839-2