Puccini: La bohème - Caballé, Martí, Cruz-Romo, Ausensi; Rescigno. Mexico City, 1965


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Montserrat Caballé was poised to burst onto the international scene in 1965.  Mimì was a role that was perfect for her at this point in her career.  She is able to sing vocal lines that seem endless and floats the most sublime pianissimo.  She is joined by her husband Bernabé Martí.   Many have said that he only had a career by hanging onto her coattails.   I think that this is unfair.  He has a very pleasing color and shows that he deserves his place next to his wife.   Gilda Cruz-Romo, also at the beginning of her career, sings Musetta.  It is rare that one gets to hear such a lush voice sing this part.  The sound is fair to good.

OD 10284-2

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