Mozart: La Clemenza di Tito - Bonisolli, Coster, Sighele, Wolff, Casula, Roni; Kertesz. Rai di Roma, 1970


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This excellent recording of La Clemenza di Tito is notable for Franco Bonisolli's assumption of the title role.  I immediately thought that Bonisolli's notorious stage histrionics would not be a good match for Mozart.  I was quickly proven wrong.  He displays restraint and sings flawlessly and ultimately spoils the listener by combining a burly tone with a technique capable of pulling off Mozart.  Beverly Wolff sings the part of Sesto.   Her voluptuous mezzo may not be the most successful at conveying the sound of a young man, however her singing is very exciting particularly in "Parto, Parto."  Janet Coster is sufficiently hysterical as Vitellia. For lovers of recitative I should disclose that much of it is cut from this performance (if it is any consolation they were written by Süssmayr not Mozart.) The sound is very good.  

OD 10580-2

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