Massenet: Thaïs - Neblett, Patrick, Johnson, Berberian, Brooks; Andersson. 1973


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  • For the lucky few of us who appreciate Thaïs for the neglected gem that it is, you are in for a real treat.
  • Carol Neblett, in the title role, will make you forget every other soprano you ever heard in this opera. Neblett's voice has absolutely everything. It is both shimmering and steely. Her top is gleaming. Most importantly she totally inhabits the character of Thaïs, giving us sensual glamor in the first half of the opera and then sumptuous religious lyricism after her epiphany.
  • The rest of the cast is good, with particular accolades to Patricia Brooks as Albine and Ara Berberian as Palémon.


  • The sound is only fair.

In Mono

Carol Neblett sings arias and songs with piano

OD 11719-2

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