Janacek: Vec Makropulos (In English) - Collier, Dempsey, Herincx; Mackerras. London, 1964


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If there is any one singer who deserves credit for reviving Janacek’s Věc Makropulos it is Marie Collier. With the help of Charles Mackerras (one of the original architects of the Janacek revival), Collier presented the role of Emilia Marty throughout her career up until her untimely death. Collier’s Emilia Marty starts off glamorous and aloof but as her situation becomes more dire we begin to see that despite her many centuries of living, there is still some humanity left in her. She is joined by an excellent group of singers, particularly Raimund Herincx as Jaroslav Prus, and led by Charles Mackerras. The sound is good.

Marie Collier sings the final scene from The Makropulos Case
London, 1971

OD 11226-2

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