Handel: Agrippina - Tinsley, Young, Sinclair, Dean, Herincx; Mackerras. French Radio, 1966


Listen to a Sample:


This is a very surprising performance. I was expecting, given that it is from the mid-sixties and that it features a great dramatic soprano, Pauline Tinsley, in the title part, that this would be a very romantic reading of this opera. Surprisingly Sir Charles Mackerras, years before the period performance movement really took off, shows an innate understanding for both the delicacy and the power of Handel's music while staying within the context of the baroque period. Pauline Tinsley is excellent in the title role, showing that there was more to her voice than shear power. It makes one wonder how her Donna Anna might be. The rest of the cast is very good and sells this performance as well as the merits of Handel opera. The sound is excellent.

OD 10690-3