Giordano: La Cena delle Beffe - Annular, Frazzoni, Colzani, Calabrese, Cattelani; De Fabritiis. Milano, 1955


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It is always eye-opening to survey the works of composers who only were able to get one or two operas into the operatic cannon. With La Cena dell beffe, I had expected to hear something akin to the tonal world of Andrea Chénier, and I was surprised to hear a side to Giordano that I had not expected. Written in 1909 it seems clear that he, like Puccini, had become influenced by expressionist works like Elektra and Salome as well as impressionist works like Pelléas. The result is an opera that, to my ear, bears a closer resemblance to Francesca da Rimini than Fedora or Chénier. This performance is first-rate. Gigluola Frazzoni sings the role of Ginevra and brings all of her signature passion. Since the opera is relatively short, I have included excerpts from La Fanciulla del west featuring Frazzone and Franco Corelli. The sound is excellent.

Gigluola Frazzoni and Franco Corelli in excerpts from La Fanciulla del west.

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