Giordano: Fedora - Tebaldi, di Stefano, Sereni; Basile. Napoli, 1962


Listen to a Sample:

Listen to a Sample


I am probably in the minority, but I have always considered Giordano’s Fedora as exceptional, even more so than the significantly more popular Andrea Chénier. The score is wildly inventive, thrillingly melodramatic, and impressively evocative of its varied locales. It’s also a prime assignment for a singing actress, and Renata Tebaldi is in blazing form in this 1961 performance. Fearlessly committed to Fedora’s anguish and in fine voice throughout, she is matched note for note and sob for sob by a peerless Giuseppe di Stefano. Mario Sereni and Sofia Mizzetti shine in supporting roles, and there’s a fine cameo from comprimario supreme Enrico Campi. The sound is generally clear and bright, though there are a few moments where audio from some other source has survived a tape transfer.

OD 11330-2