Giordani: Andrea Chénier - Vanzo, Le Bris, Massard; Sébastian. Paris, 1970


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This vigorous performance of Andrea Chénier breathes life into one of the unsung masterpieces of the verismo era. The quality of the French cast's Italian tends to vary, but the quality of the singing does not, and the quality of the conducting from Georges Sébastian varies even less. Michèle Le Bris, a soprano hitherto unknown to me, is an limpid-voiced, pointed Maddalena, and she wrings a variety of strong emotions out of ”La mamma morta.” Robert Massard brings real intellect and a nice snarl to Gerard. Alain Vanzo is a dreamy, ardent Chénier, definitely more of a poet than a soldier, but you at least understand why he inspires such strong emotion. As an added bonus, the great character tenor Michel Sénéchal is on hand to provide us with a charmingly sleazy Incredible. The radio broadcast mikes the soloists far closer than the chorus but otherwise the sound is impeccable.

OD 11105-2

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