Bizet: Les Pêcheurs de perles - Micheau, Vanzo, Bacquier, Lovano; Rosenthal. France, 1959


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During a Met tour to Paris, Rudolf Bing found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to answer for a less than perfect performance of Figaro. The story goes that a reporter remarked "It seems Ms. Peters had an off night last night." To which Bing, in typical fashion, retorted "That's okay. French opera has had an off century." Humor aside, this recording proves an excellent rejoinder to Bing's quip and shows that the French had their share of excellent singers. Alain Vanzo and Gabriel Bacquier both bring effortless vocal grace and power to their parts. Janine Micheau's voice is a little thin as Leïla. The sound is very good.

Les Pêcheurs de perles (Excerpts) with Christiane Eda-Pierre, Nicolai Gedda & Gabriel Bacquier

OD 10985-2