Berlioz: Les Troyens (In English) Shuard, Thebom, Vickers, Robinson, Rouleau, Carlyle, Collier; Kubelik. London, 1957


Listen to a Sample:


Long before Sir Colin Davis put his stamp on Berlioz, the Britons were hard at work trying to make sense of this monumental score.  Here the helm is headed by Rafael Kubelik who alternates the savage, almost tribal qualities of this score easily with the delicacy that exemplifies French music.  Upon hearing Enée's first lines I barely was able to recognize the voice as Jon Vickers.  He sings the role with a lyricism that eluded him in his later years and he is free from many of his mannerisms.  It is also worth pointing out that he manages a very solid high C in his aria (listen to below sample.)  Blanche Thebom is a regal Dido and Amy Shuard sings a youthful Cassandra.  The performance is in English and the rest of the cast is peppered with notable singers including Joan Carlyle, Marie Collier, Joseph Rouleau and others.  The sound is very good.

OD 10544-4