Berg: Wozzeck - Adam, Fine, Uhl, Paskuda, Proebstl; C. Kleiber. Munchen, 1970


Listen to a Sample:


Carlos Kleiber was somewhat of a maverick in the world of opera.   He was in great demand but limited himself to only a handful of works.  This Wozzeck represents a departure from his routine and it will be priceless both to fans and Kleiber and fans of Berg.  Conducting Wozzeck is a great achievement for any conductor.  Kleiber takes this score even further.  He makes sense out of the madness.  There is not one gesture that is not interpreted with great care and faithfulness to the text.  Theo Adam is very sympathetic as the protagonist.  He has no problems with the extreme range or the massive orchestration.  Wendy Fine sings beautifully in Marie's lullaby only to turn on a dime and deliver blood curdling cries.   I would like to hear more from her.  The sound is excellent.  The first five seconds are missing.

OD 10250-2