Beethoven: Fidelio (Overture through "Abscheulicher") - Lehmann, Jerger, Helletsgruber; Toscanini. Salzburg, 1936


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When a recording is described as “historical” that is usually code for “in poor sound.” Although that is certainly the case for this 1936 transatlantic broadcast of Fidelio, it also happens to be a truly historic document. Arturo Toscanini leads this performance with the great Lotte Lehmann in the title role. Although an argument can be made that other sopranos have given more vocally distinguished performances as Leonore, few have embodied her fearless resolve as well as Lehmann does in this performance. Arturo Toscanini leads a brisk and biting performance easily living up to the mythology of his name. This recording includes all the music from the Overture through ”Abscheulicher!” And as alluded to earlier, the sound is best described as “historical”.

OD 11297-1

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