Beethoven: Fidelio - Brouwenstijn, Hopf, Schöffler, van Mill; Beecham. Buenos Aires, 1958


Listen to a Sample:


Although this performance sports an exceptional cast, I do believe that the star of this recording has to be the great conductor, Sir Thomas Beecham.  I have to say that for me this recording is worth having solely for the superb Leonore Overture #3 whose only fault is that it almost outshines the rest of the opera in exuberance and hope.  That said Gre Brouwenstijn sings a very heartfelt and earnest Leonore.  Hers is a voice that is perfect in a role like this as it has the purity of a Mozart singer and the heft of a Wagnerian.  Hans Hopf's voice is little more than serviceable, although he does well with the killer tessitura in his aria.  What Paul Schöffler lacks in vocal finesse he makes up for in intensity.  The sound is fair.

OD 10400-2